About Us

The best part about Indelible is simply the people. From day one, we’ve made the commitment of only investing and growing alongside best-in-class talent who are constantly pushing to help our customer’s business grow. Across the board, our team understands the importance and the value of each and every unique shipment. We want to play our part in putting the right personnel in place to set everyone up for success. Members of our team are not only individuals who can manage from point A to point B, but our personnel are always encouraged to handle each shipment as if it were their own. Our team does not shy away from picking up the phone to be transparent on tracking details of their customer’s shipment. We are not a company that hides behind emails offering no clear point of contact. We are a company that desires to leave lasting impressions via transportation and to accomplish this, we believe we must have experienced industry vets in place who can handle any curveballs thrown their way in transit. When clients tender their loads to Indelible Logistics Group, our commitment to our clients is to provide high performing solutions for their freight challenges so goods can arrive intact, on time and for a competitive price.

Our Responsibilites

The reason we love servicing in the transportation industry is because there are always new unique challenges we face and not one day ever seems the same.  At Indelible we are passionate about our craft and frequently access our own roles and how we can add value to your supply chains. In times of uncertainly, consistent evaluations of transportation vendors are a must. When given the opportunity and trust to complete a load, we want to make sure we are consistent in executing our commitment and responsibilities to our customers. What are some of things you should look for in a vendor?

  • Proactive Updates – How many times will you continue to nudge a trucker to provide an update before you consider making changes in your portfolio? Shouldn’t truckers value your business more than an update every blue moon? Indelible believes you should be receiving consistent hourly updates even before you ask via email, text or macropoint.
  • Transparency – There is no better way to build trust with shippers and carriers than being open, honest, and straightforward about various company operations. Transparency is key to collaboration, cooperation and collective decision making. To be indelible and make a lasting impressions we remain cool, calm and collected with our words and actions even in the toughest of circumstances.
  • Commitment – Even if the update isn’t so pretty or a shipment turns into an major delay, you can be sure that we will never turn our backs on a freight fire at hand. All our employees commit to push until the logistical problems have been solved. Our allegiance to our clients include no giving back of loads and owning up or paying for any mistakes we’ve committed, no questions asked.